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Customer Success

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Austin Health

Austin Health have been using the Digital Patient Chart across their health services for over 10 years. The Digital Patient Chart  has enabled Austin Health to implement Digital Forms within their clinics.


“Austin Health implemented scanning as we could see so many benefits that will help to improve our medical record service and the service we can provide to our clinicians and patients.  We went live on 1st December 2009, and the implementation was very successful.  The users find the application intuitive and easy to use, and our senior clinicians are very positive.”

Kris Jenkins

Director of Health Information Services, Austin Health.

Eastern Health

Eastern Health has implemented the Digital Patient Chart with Digital Forms and Referrals Manager. They have experienced improved continuity of care, reduced records transport costs and reduced HIS department operational costs.

“InfoMedix Digital Patient Chart “has been a great step forward for Eastern Health in moving from our paper based medical records into the electronic age. This has delivered both greater access to information and quantifiable business benefits. Adoption of the system by both clinical and administrative staff has been high with all seeing the benefit”


D Howard

Senior Clinician, Lilydale Youth Mental Health Team

Djerriwarrh Health Services

Since Implementing the Digital Patient Chart, Djerriwarrh Health Service have had greater savings with electronic forms

• Improved services for clinicians with easier and remote records access
• Remote coding operations a possibility

“It was important for us to extend the record beyond acute care so that we could achieve one integrated health record for each of our patients/clients along with the appropriate security and controls in place. The integrated record is resulting in improved patient/client care and greater service efficiencies. The clinicians took to the record very quickly”

Susan Dimopoulos

CPF Health Information Manager, Djerriwarrh Health

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