The InfoMedix product displays a complete electronic medical record in a simple, easy to use manner consistent with existing health information systems and clinical practice. Our products can be used as a complete medical record or as standalone modules. The InfoMedix total solution provides scanned paper records with associated metadata, integrates patient and administration data from Patient Administration Systems, incorporates live data from clinical source systems such as Pathology and Radiology. The total solution Integrates ad-hoc electronic documents (such as transcribed letters, clinical photos and reports) and associated metadata, assembles the virtual electronic records by extracting data from all relevant data sources and archives and translates all data into a common language defined by a localised data dictionary

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Infomedix was founded in 2000 and has approximately 28 Australian based staff members. The range of Infomedix products are implemented in over 60 sites across Australia in acute, mental health and community healthcare settings. With its origins in Melbourne, Infomedix digitally holds over 240 million scanned documents, over 10 million electronically created forms and over 32 million pathology and radiology results. We have more than 46000 individual users accessing our system every day and we integrate with over 30 different clinical and administration systems.

Why InfoMedix

Australian owned and operated, Infomedix has been providing electronic medical record solutions to hospitals in Australia for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service and work closely with customers to ensure all projects are implemented on time and within budget. Infomedix is passionate about delivering solutions to healthcare providers of all sizes to help them manage favourable patient outcomes along with ensuring patient safety is paramount.

Who We Are

Proudly Australian owned and operated we understand local requirements and have representation in various industry specific associations and sectors in Australia and New Zealand. Our Board has years of experience in managing health IT companies as well as many years involvement with healthcare providers across many levels including government, public, private and community settings. Infomedix's growing staff profile includes experienced software engineers and architects, project implementation specialists, around the clock customer support staff as well as Health Information Managers, SME's and Business Analysts.

Dr Helen Hewitt

Clinical Director Emergency Services, Peninsula Health

The InfoMedix Digital Medical Record has been a welcome addition to patient care in all environments and most particularly in the Emergency Department. The ease of accessibility to the patient file in real time has been a clear and timely advancement in the provision of Emergency Care to our patients. It has been an actual life saver…  
  • Mercy