Referrals Manager

Streamlined workflow to track and manage the referrals process

The referral process is a critical component of quality clinical care, and a paper based referral system can lead to delays in assessment and treatment for your patients.

Referrals Manager can help transition your health service from paper based, reliant on manual input, to an automated workflow that provides transparency, reduces duplication and enables tracking of each referral through its defined workflow.

  • Digitise and streamline the referral process for internal and external referrals
  • Customise and define referral workflows
  • Manage, view and action referrals across your organisation
  • Track the referral status
  • Direct access to the patient record within the Digital Patient Chart
  • Manages referrals received by email, fax and HL7 messaging

Streamline your Referrals Workflow

Our Solution

Enable Health Service staff to view referrals in an instant and eliminate time-consuming administration tasks within a predefined workflow.

  • Reduction in manual processes such as scanning, printing and faxing
  • Instant access to the referral and any attachments directly within Referrals Manager
  • Reduce errors, lost referrals and duplication by ensuring the referral process adheres to a workflow
  • Reduce delays in processing as referrals received by email, fax and electronic messaging are loaded directly into the module

For private organisations, Referrals Manager is the secure messaging conduit between Specialists, VMOs and the provider healthcare organisation to process requests for admission. By receiving the admission paperwork directly from the VMO’s practice management solution into the InfoMedix solution, the time to prepare for the admission is reduced, and unnecessary paperwork is eliminated. Any pre-admission paperwork and questionnaires completed by the patient via online portals can automatically be incorporated and added to the patient’s digital record, supplementing the information required for a successful admission in a more timely manner.


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