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Securely Connecting Healthcare Systems

InfoMedix Digital Patient Chart integrates with over 60 clinical and patient administration systems

Experience the power of a connected system

Integration delivers greater efficiencies, through increased productivity and convenience for clinical and administrative staff. These operational improvements drive significant value for health services, staff and patients.

When InfoMedix integrates with your Patient Administration systems it enables a single source of truth for clinicians and administrative staff with a seamless user journey from the PAS to the patient record, with patient information, clinic and admission details.

Create a Connected System

InfoMedix works with your health service to create integration across systems including;

• PAS Integrations
• HL7 and FHIR Integration
• Pathology and Radiology
• Click-Through Interfaces

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Standalone products,
transformative together.

Each InfoMedix product addresses a different healthcare challenge. They can be used as standalone modules or used together to provide a complete solution

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