Coding Manager

Automate workflows and clinical coding outcomes with InfoMedix Coding Manager

Automated workflow to assist clinical coders every step of the way

InfoMedix Coding Manager is an automated workflow that enables direct access to the Digital Patient Chart and manages communication between clinicians and coders for timely and efficient Clinical Coding, from anywhere.

Accurate clinical coding is integral for planning future health services and to maximise revenue opportunities in public and private health services. Coding Manager allows clinical coders to manage their workflow after patient discharge by providing;

  • Identification of episodes that are ready for coding
  • Visibility of all episodes that are currently being coded and their status
  • Direct access to the required episode and supporting data within the digital patient record
  • Communication links between coders and clinicians to resolve queries
  • Allocation of specific episodes to coders based on organisational requirements
  • Ability to flag records requiring review
  • Ability to review coded discharges for auditing purposes
  • Automatic identification of clinical documentation updates post coding

Assists clinical coders every step of the way

Our Solution

What if you could catch coding errors prior to billing?

Coding Manager enables Health Providers to utilise their data to make more insightful decisions based on the most up-to-date information.

  • Improves timeliness and reduces reimbursement delays
  • Automated process reduces likelihood of coding errors
  • Gain insights over coding metrics for efficient coding management
  • Enables remote coding with easy access to the patient record
  • Increases productivity of Clinical Coding Team by streamlining the clinical coding workflow
  • Availability of up-to-date patient information for coding to increase accuracy and revenue reimbursement
  • Access to reporting related to the coding workflow


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