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We create innovative products because of our innovative co-design approach

The InfoMedix Co-Design Approach

The InfoMedix Co-Design approach ensures that the technology we produce is fit for purpose within a healthcare setting. We work with our current customers and our community of influence to design, validate, and test new products and improvements. Our goal is to deliver innovative products that enable our customers to change outcomes and achieve results.

The design and development process we follow encourages collaboration between the customer and our internal product and delivery team, enabling us to deliver products, and improvements that create real value and enhance the end-user experience.

Partner with us to Co-Design the next product for your organisation

InfoMedix will partner with health services to understand problems they are facing, so we can work together to create solutions, solve problems and help meet your objectives. By leveraging the InfoMedix Co-Design approach, we ensure your health service has access to a leading design and development team and ensure products created meet your health service goals. Contact us to find out more about how we can partner to co-design the next product for your organisation.

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Each InfoMedix product addresses a different healthcare challenge. They can be used as standalone modules or used together to provide a complete solution

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